Real time Over-speed Alert

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Get notified about over-speed events in real time by setting up an over-speed alert. This alert can be set up to be sent out to users and drivers via the app and/or via email.

To receive alerts, drivers will need to download the Argus Tracking app to their mobile devices.


Once your drivers are set up within the system, simply apply the over-speed alert by following the steps below:

Step 1

From the side menu, select Settings, then Notifications.

Step 2

From the first drop down box, select the asset you wish to receive the alert on.

Step 3

In the second drop down box, select the user you wish the notification to be sent to. 

Step 4

In the Notification box, beside Overspeed Alert, the default over speed alert threshold is set to 20km/h. To update this threshold, simply click on the blue 20 to update it.

Step 5

Beside the Overspeed Alert, use the toggles underneath email and app to activate how the user will receive the alert, either via Email, App or both.

Step 6

Click on the blue Create button to create and activate your alert.



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