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The Account Settings page is where to go to Update Preferences, Change Password and update your Account Details. The page is divided into 3 different tabs (sections):

  • My Preferences 
  • Change Password 
  • Account Details


My Preferences

This section allows you to customise your profile settings. Once these details have been updated click the blue 'Save' button to save your preferences. 

First Name & Last Name = The user's name that will be displayed when you log into the account.

Email = The email address associated with the user's account (also used to log in). 

Phone Number = The user's work/contact phone number. 

Job Title/ Position = The user's job title/position at your company. 

Location = The town or city the user and assets are based.

Default Country = Select the country that your assets will be reporting from.

Timezone = Select the timezone your assets will be reporting from. 

Time Format = Select the time format you would like to appear on reports (12-hour clock or 24-hour clock formats). 

Date Format = Select the date you would like to appear on reports (Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year). 

Units of Measure = Select the units you would like your reports measured in (Kilometers or Miles). 

My Assets Layout = Select the layout you would like your assets to be displayed on your 'My Assets Page' (Thumbnails, Tiles or List view). 

Profile Picture = Add an option profile picture of the user to be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page or leave it blank and their initials will be displayed. 



Change Password

The 'Change Password' section allows you to update the password you use to log in to the Argus Tracking website. Follow the steps below to update your password: 

Step 1: 

Enter your Old Password in the applicable 'Old Password' box. 

Step 2: 

Enter your New Passed in both the 'New Password' and 'Enter New Password Again' boxes. 

Step 3: 

Click the blue 'Save' button to save your preferences. 

For more information, read the full article here.



Account Details

The 'Account Details' section has 3 separate parts: Billing Details, Default Shipping Details and Other. This is where you can update your account details including your physical address, phone number and the email address you would like invoices sent. 

Billing Details:

Here you can update your billing address details including address (this can be a PO Box or physical), phone number, your account's email address, purchase order number and financial year start month. 

If you move premises or swap email addresses for your invoices, please update them in this section.


Default Shipping Details:

This section is where you add your Default Shipping Details for Smart Renew. This is where you put in your business's physical address. This is particularly important for our Smart Renew function where RUC and Vehicle Registration licenses are couriered directly to you. For more information click here. 



This section is where you add your Pool Vehicle Booking URL (if applicable), RUCOR Customer Number for RUC Collect Claims, Bank Account Name and Bank Account Number. 


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