Vehicle Stationary Alert

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A vehicle stationary alert can be applied to a geofence to advise when a vehicle has been stationary within the geofence for longer than x amount of time. 
This is a really beneficial health and safety feature, enabling you to receive notification when a driver should have been back in the vehicle and driving within a certain length of time.

Follow the steps below to set up a vehicle stationary alert on a geofence:

1. From the sidebar, select Geofences, then My Geofences to see all the geofences currently set up.

2. Find the geofence you would like to set up the alert on, then click the alert icon next to it to open the Geofence Alerts set up page. 



3. On the Geofence Alerts page, fill in each box where applicable.
The Geofence box will be automatically filled in with your chosen geofence.  In the Label box, add a label that will make the alert easily identifiable when it is received. In Send alert to, choose who you would like to receive the alert.

Choose the Asset Movement you would like to trigger the alert. This can be when the asset Enters or Exits, sits Stationary for x amount of time, or Inactivity within the geofence.

Choose the unit of time the asset movement relates to. This can be minutes, hours or days.

 Note: To create a stationary alert, in the asset movement box, choose stationary, then enter in the length of time the asset can be stationary before a stationary alert is triggered. When an asset sits stationary for this length of time or longer, an alert will be sent. 

Use the toggles to activate how you would like the alert sent - email and/or via the Argus Fleet Managers app.

Click the blue Save button to save your geofence alert.



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