How to Create a Pool Booking Geofence

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Creating a Geofence for your pool booking assets is a straightforward process that streamlines the management of your fleet. Follow the steps below to create custom geofences tailored to your pool vehicle booking requirements. 


Step 1: Create an asset group for the pool location, then add your pool booking assets to the group. 

(For example, we created the group called 'Wellington Pool Vehicles', now we would add each pool vehicle in Wellington to this group). 

For further information on how to apply a vehicle to a group, please read this article.


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 2: Create a geofence for the area where your pool vehicles will be stored (e.g. the car park at your office). If your pool vehicles are stored in different locations, each pool vehicle storage area will need a separate geofence. 

For further information on creating geofences, please read this article.

Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 3: After creating the geofence, apply it to the Asset Group for that pool location (e.g. Wellington Pool Vehicles).  


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 4:  Give the Geofence a name (e.g. Wellington Pool Vehicle Geofence). 


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 5: In the 'When Should the Geofence be Active' box, we recommend leaving this as the default setting (anytime). 


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 6: Activate the geofence for pool booking use by enabling the Pool Booking Geofence toggle. When it is blue it is active.


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 7: Press the blue 'Save' button to save your changes.  



The Geofence needs to be applied to a group of vehicles rather than ALL, otherwise other pool booking Geofences could trigger a depart or return in pool booking.

For example, if you applied the geofence to all vehicles instead of a group, and you had separate pool booking locations in Wellington and Lower Hutt, if a Wellington Pool Vehicle were to drive to a Lower Hutt Pool Booking location, the system would think the vehicle had been returned to Lower Hutt and would be available for use, when instead it was needed for the return drive to Wellington. 



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