Understanding your travel costs

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When running a vehicle fleet, each and every trip a vehicle undertakes involves a cost. As well as the obvious fuel cost per km, there is also maintenance, depreciation, RUCs etc. What you haven't easily been able to understand until now is how much each of these trips actually costs. 

By assigning the cost per km/mile to each of your assets, it is now easy to see exactly what each of your drivers' trips has cost your organisation. The Trip, Mileage, Utilisation, Usage Reports and Asset Register will display the cost associated with that travel, so you can start to understand the "TRUE" cost of running your vehicles, what you should be charging for travel and whether to pull back on personal use now the cost of personal trips is clear.

Follow the steps below to start understanding your travel costs:


Step 1

Search your vehicle's make, model and details on ECCA Business for the average total cost of ownership per km (or mile) to run this vehicle.


Step 2

Enter the cost per km/mile obtained from ECCA Business into the Cost per km/mile box on your vehicle's profile page. 



Step 3

Now, when you run a Trip Report, Mileage Report, Usage Report and Utilisation Report, the running cost will be added to the report.


The running cost can also be selected as a column on the Asset Register, showing the total cost of ownership so far each vehicle.



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