Device Management - How to order new GPS hardware, request a hardware reinstall or decommission a GPS unit

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We understand that your fleet and asset are constantly changing. As assets are bought and disposed of, or if your fleet is expanding, you need to be able to easily let us know so we can organise hardware and technicians for you. Administrators and Power Users can easily send install and removal requests from Device Management within the Argus Hub. To manage your devices, just follow the simple steps below:


Step 1

Just visit Settings, then select Device Management.  



Step 2

The Device Management page will open. Select the Job Type from the five options listed below:



1. Purchase and Install a new GPS unit - order a new GPS unit and arrange for it to be installed into your new vehicle/asset.


2. Install a GPS unit you have in stock - organise for a technician to install a unit that you have on-hand that has either been removed from another vehicle/asset or is a replacement unit from a previous decommission. Please note, you MUST have this unit with you at the time of install as the Argus technician will not be supplying the GPS unit.


3. Create a new Assist Asset - Assist is an asset profile for assets that require Fleet Management (Compliance, Check Sheet, Smart Renew & Asset Register) but do not need live tracking. An Assist asset will appear in the fleet management portal, and will not require a GPS unit to be installed. Each Assist asset is charged at your default Assist pricing plan. If you require barcodes to use the Check Sheet, these are charged at $5 NZD per set + postage and packaging.

Click here to learn more about ASSIST Fleet Management Plan


4. Order a new battery powered LOCI Asset Tracker - for non-powered assets such as trailers, a LOCI device runs on long-lasting batteries (up to 5 years) to report it's location.

Click here to learn more about LOCI Asset Tracking


5. Decommission an asset - Instead of removing the GPS unit in the vehicle/asset you have disposed of, we simply decommission the unit.

Decommissioning is designed to save you (the customer) time and money by not having to take vehicles off the road for our technicians to do a removal. Instead, the decommissioning charge includes the remote termination of your current unit and a new replacement unit, ensuring you always have the latest technology installed in your fleet.

Your new replacement device is usually couriered out within 7 days to the address listed in your account under Settings > Account Details, so please make sure this address is up to date.

Reinstallation of your new unit is not included in the cost of decommissioning, this will be charged separately at the time of install.

Please run any historical reports that you wish to save prior to the units decommission, as once a GPS unit has been decommissioned and removed from your account, all historical data associated with this GPS unit will be lost.



Step 3

Fill in all the required details, then press the blue Submit button. A member of the installation team will be in touch to confirm the details and arrange a convenient date for you.

Please note:
During busy periods there can be a wait time for GPS installations, but this does vary. We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as you know you need a new install or decommission done so that we can book your jobs at a suitable time for you. 

Only system Administrators and Power Users can order new GPS hardware or request a GPS unit decommission or reinstallation.



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