How to apply a barcode

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Please read this article before applying the barcode stickers to your vehicle.

If you would like to print these instructions, you will find a downloadable instruction sheet at the bottom of this page.


For each asset you are applying barcodes to, you will need:

1 x Alcohol pad


2 x Argus Tracking barcode stickers



Each vehicle will require the application of 2 barcodes.

Please make sure both barcodes have the same number.

We recommend applying the barcodes somewhere that is easily accessible and
will stay clean, and out of sunlight so it does not fade - one on the sunvisor and
one inside of your vehicle’s door frame (see the images on the right), or one
inside the boot lid is ideal.


Step 1

Prepare the area where the barcode will be applied by cleaning the area with the enclosed alcohol based cleaner to ensure it is free of grease and dirt.

Step 2

Apply the barcode sticker to the cleaned area.

Remember, you will need to scan the barcode each time you drive the vehicle so make sure it is easily accessible!


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