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The Argus Tracking Fleet Manager's App is a quick and easy way to manage your assets while you're out and about - it works everywhere you work. Read the article below to learn how to download and use the app. 

Important to note: This app is designed for use on iPhones using the latest two versions of iOS.


Step 1 - Install the App

Download the app here from the App Store (or search for Argus Tracking in the store on your device).



Step 2 - Log in

Log in to the Argus Tracking app using your username (email) and password.


Step 3 - Finding your way around the app

  • Dashboard: After logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. On this page, you can zoom in and out to view all your vehicles on a map.


  • Menu: To open the side menu, click on the menu icon (three lines) in the top left of your screen. The menu screen gives you access to each section of the app. 



  • My Assets: Use My Assets to view the live information on all your vehicles. On this page, you will see the current status of your fleet (if the circle is red, your vehicle's moving, if it is green, your vehicle's travelling). 
    For in-depth data, click on any vehicle to be taken to a map to view its current live position and status. 


  • Reports
  1. From the sidebar, select Reports.
  2. Select the report you would like to run. 
  3. Select the period you would like to run the report for.
  4. Select whether you'd like to run the report on all your vehicles, for a specific group, or an individual vehicle.
  5. The report will open. Use your fingers to move around the report and scroll down.


  • Notifications: From the sidebar, select Notifications to view your notifications. New notifications will be signalled to you by a blue number above the Argus logo on the app interface of your device.


  • Settings: In Settings, you can adjust how you receive notifications, update your password, view the terms and conditions and the version of the app software you use. image_123986672

Download the Fleet Management app Info Sheet:


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