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Introducing Smart Renew 

Smart Renew, available with the Argus Tracking x Fleetwise integration, automates the purchasing and delivery of road user charges (RUCs) and vehicle registrations (rego) to your chosen address. By activating Smart Renew, you streamline administration, minimise downtime, and ensure timely licence renewals. 

Smart Renew is available as an add-on for MIDI plans (additional monthly fees apply) or included on OMNI plans. 

How it Works

When these licenses are due, you are invoiced for the licence charges. Once the invoice is paid, your RUC and rego licenses are purchased for you automatically and are dispatched to your preferred or default shipping address (as shown on the Smart Renew page) by Fleetwise. 

When purchasing your RUC and rego licenses, a small admin fee is charged. 

  • Registration (rego) licence renewal - $9.50 + GST per licence.
  • Road User Charges (RUCs) renewal - $9.50 + GST per licence.

Licenses will be couriered to your preferred address for $5.00 per courier satchel non-rural. If multiple licenses are going to the same address, you'll only be charged one courier fee. However, if licenses are being delivered to multiple addresses, you'll be charged multiple courier fees.

(As the tickets are sent via courier, this needs to be a physical address and not a PO Box). 

Please Note: You can add a preferred address for the dispatch of your licenses individually by typing in the 'attention to' and 'address to send licence' boxes. However, if these boxes are left blank, your licenses will be shipped to your company's 'default shipping address' as shown in your account settings. To learn how to change this default shipping address, follow these steps. 

To receive an email notification that includes tracking details, please type in your preferred email address in the 'email notification' column. If left blank, these emails will be sent to the default billing email address.

Smart Renew FAQs

  1. Activation Process: After activation by an Argus agent and you've set up the Smart Renew page, Fleetwise will send you an email with some more information and a link to set up direct debit payments for future renewals. 

  2. Syncing Interruption: Smart Renew will stop syncing if the RUC and/or rego purchasing toggles are turned off for 4 weeks or longer without renewal. We recommend leaving the toggles on to ensure you don't stop the syncing process. 

  3. Resuming Syncing: If the RUC and/or rego toggles have been turned off for 4 weeks or longer, causing Smart Renew to stop syncing, you can resume the syncing process by heading to the Compliance page and updating the RUC and rego fields manually to ensure continuity.

  4. Courier Fee: The courier fee is $5 per address for each renewal. Renewals to the same address incur one fee, while different addresses incur separate fees. 

RUC and Rego Renewal Timings

  • Fleetwise receives RUC and rego renewals every Wednesday at midnight. Ensure Smart Renew is activated or changes are made before Tuesdays at 11:59 pm to ensure they are processed as soon as possible. 
  • RUC renewals are triggered at 2,000km (or your specified distance) before expiry.
  • Rego renewals are triggered 28 days before expiry. 

RUC Rates 

RUC Rates are set by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. For more information about RUC rates head to their website below:

Ready to Activate Smart Renew? 

Contact our Support Team or your Account Manager here to upgrade plans or add/activate Smart Renew.


For more information on Smart Renew, please download the info sheet below:


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