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If you're on our MIDI or OMNI plans, you have the option of using our Fleetwise integration, Smart Renew, to automate your Road User Charges (RUCs) and Registration (rego) purchasing. 

 (Included in OMNI plans, additional charges apply to MIDI). 

How it Works

When these licenses are due, you are invoiced for the licence charges. Once the invoice is paid, your RUC and rego licenses are purchased for you automatically and are dispatched to your preferred or default shipping address (as shown on your Smart Renew page) by Fleetwise. 

When purchasing your RUC and rego licenses, a small admin fee is charged. 

  • Registration (rego) licence renewal - $9.50 + GST per licence.
  • Road User Charges (RUCs) renewal - $9.50 + GST per licence.

Licenses will be couriered out to your preferred address for $5.00 per courier satchel non-rural.

(As the tickets are sent via courier, this needs to be a physical address and not a PO Box). 

Please Note: You can add a preferred address for the dispatch of your licences individually by typing in the 'attention to' and 'address to send licence' boxes. However, if these boxes are left blank, your licences will be shipped to your company's 'default shipping address' as shown in your account settings. To learn how to change this default shipping address, follow the steps below. 

To receive an email notification that includes tracking details, please type in your preferred email address in the 'email notification' column. If left blank, these emails will be sent to the default billing email address.


For more information about RUC rates, head to the NZTA website below: 


The RUC rates can be found on the NZTA website below:


How to Change Your Default Shipping Address



Step 1: 

From your Argus Tracking dashboard head to Settings > Account > Account Details.


Step 2: 

Scroll down to the 'Default Shipping Address' section and update your details. 


Step 3: 

Once you have updated your details, click the blue 'Save' button. 


Want to Add Smart Renew to Your Plan? 

Contact our Support Team or your Account Manager (MIDI users) here


For more information on Smart Renew, please download the info sheet below:


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