How to set up reminder emails for your compliance.

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Step 1

From the side bar go to Fleet Management > Compliance.


Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 2

Click on the Setup Automated Report button.
Untitled_design__8_.pngStep 3

The Setup Automated Notification box shown below will open.


  • In the first box (Vehicle/Group) you can select which vehicle or group you would like to set up the reminder for.
  • In the second box (Notify on) you can choose what you would like to be notified about: either all compliance issues, WOF, COF, Service, or RUC's.
  • In the third box (Send to) you can select who you would like to receive the reminder. If you cannot find the user, then click on Setup new user which can be found in blue to the right of this box. 
  • Once you have set this up, click the blue Save button to save your automated notification.

You will be able to view the reports that are currently setup below this under Current Reports.


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