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When setting up new users, you can choose from some pre-loaded user profiles or create your own custom profile.

Adding a user profile to a users' account will limit what functionality they have access to.

You can also create a "custom" profile and turn on/off any feature for each user.
You can view the guide to setting up a custom user profile here.

If you have selected custom, just slide each switch to turn each feature on and off. Then press the blue Save button.

The different user profiles give you access to different features.

The table below shows what each profile allows you to see:

User Profiles Sept 2022.png

Untitled_design__8_.pngAn Administrator has access to everything. It is the only profile with access to administration control and account information. This profile is for the account holder/business owner. An administrator is the only user profile that can set up and add new users and drivers to the Argus Tracking system. They can order new GPS hardware or arrange hardware installs or removals through the account portal. On the Omni plan, an administrator has user activity oversight so can view the last time a user logged in to the Argus Dashboard.  

An administrator cannot be locked to a group. For the ability to lock the user to only have access to a certain group, set them up as one of the user profiles below:

Untitled_design__8_.pngA Power User has access to everything but without administration control. They cannot set up new users and drivers, but they can order new GPS hardware and arrange hardware installs or removals through the account portal.

An Everyday user is the most common - it gives users access to the dashboard, profiles and reporting, without fleet or job management.

A Reporter only has access to Reports and Driver Behaviour.

A Spectator can only view Spectate to see where a vehicle is at that moment on a map. This profile is handy for the office to use to keep track of where a vehicle is at that moment ie to dispatch the closest person for the job. They can also run a quick Stop Report on the previous 24 hours of any vehicle they have access to.

Compliance gives a user access to profiles and the fleet management suite. This is useful for mechanics to keep track of vehicles' maintenance.

A Dispatcher can see Job Management. This profile is for job management - dispatch the next job with the job address.

Untitled_design__8_.pngA Driver has access to the Argus Check Sheet App.

A Driver does not have access to the Argus Tracking software, only the Check Sheet App.

A downloadable version of the user permissions chart can be found below:

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