How to set up battery alerts

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You can set up alerts to notify you via email when a vehicle's battery is running low or has been disconnected. 

To set them up, select the Settings tab from the left-hand side menu, then choose Notifications. A new screen will open. From here you can use the drop down menus to choose the vehicle or group you want to set the alert up for, and who you would like the alert to be sent to.

Next, go down the list of alerts and toggle the button next to the alert you wish to make active so that it turns blue. Once you have turned on the notifications you wish to set up, click on the blue Create button at the bottom of the page to activate the alert.
All the active alerts are shown in the table at the bottom of the page. You can edit or delete these alerts as you wish. 

If you have a vehicle that is not used regularly and experience a flat battery, you may wish to have Sleep Mode applied to the GPS unit. For more information on sleep mode, see the article How to avoid a flat battery

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