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If you are having trouble viewing your WOF and rego details in your compliance table, this may be because the system has not synced with NZTA yet to pull in the information.

How does the NZTA sync work?

My Assets > Profile

Data in the profiles area is pulled from NZTA once a registration is entered at the top of the page. Argus will look up the NZTA database overnight and update all the fields on the profiles page from NZTA data. So don't stress if you don't see the vehicle details in there instantly, they will show the next day! 
Every time the registration of a vehicle is changed in the profile section of Argus Tracking, the rego & WoF/CoF compliance and vehicle details will automatically be updated from the NZTA database sync overnight. Please note ALL the information in ALL the fields will be cleared and updated. 

Fleet Management > Compliance

For date-based compliance issues, such as when your registration and WoF are due to expire, each Sunday we look up the NZTA database for your WoF / CoF & Registration details. If they will be expiring within the next 4 weeks, the compliance table will show this vehicle as requiring attention and highlight the area that needs attention in orange. 
Every Sunday night, Argus checks the NZTA database for any updates – if your compliance issues have been updated i.e. your vehicle received a new WoF or you purchased a new registration, then this will be updated on the compliance page and its colour will change back to blue.

If your compliance issues do lapse i.e. your rego does expire,  then the text will turn red to highlight that there is a major issue with this vehicle. Argus will continue to look up your expired or overdue issues for 4 further weeks. After this time you will need to manually update your date based compliance issues.


If an aspect of your compliance is overdue for longer than 4 weeks, the NZTA sync will no longer look it up automatically and the new details will need to be manually inputted.


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