What do the arrow and line colours mean?

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This is an explanation of the colours of the arrows and lines you can see on spectate and view history.

The arrows show you how fast a vehicle is going in relation to that particular speedzone, and the line colours show how fast a vehicle is actually going. 

So if a vehicle was doing 60km/h in a 50km/h zone, the arrow would appear orange and the line would appear green. 

Arrows in Spectate and View History:

AGT_UI_Icons_Arrows_16x16px-02.png Green Arrow = Travelling under the posted speed limit
AGT_UI_Icons_Arrows_16x16px-03.png Orange Arrow = Travelling over the posted speed limit by no more than 11km/h
AGT_UI_Icons_Arrows_16x16px-04.png Red Arrow = Travelling over the posted speed limit by 11+ km/h


The colours shown below show the colours of the lines of travel that you can see in view history. The colours change in relation to the speed the vehicle is travelling and this does not relate to the actual speed zone themselves.

Lines in Spectate and View History:

Over 80 km/h 70 to 79km/h 60 to 69 km/h 50 to 59 km/h 40 to 49 km/h 30 to 39 km/h 20 to 29 km/h 10 to 19 km/h  Below 10 km/h

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