How to set up a new User

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If you are the account administrator, it is up to you to setup and invite other users within your company.

  1. To do this, first please select Settings from the side bar, then select Users & Drivers from the drop down options.
  2. Next, click the blue Add button to add a new user.

  3. The User setup box as shown below will open.driver_profile_for_zendesk2.png

  4. Fill in the user's details in the appropriate box. You must fill in name, user profile and email. A valid email MUST be entered for all user profiles except for a driver (this is the only user profile that the email box can be left blank). 
    Please note: All email addresses MUST be legitimate - a fake email address will result in this user being deleted. 

    For more information on 
    User Profiles, please click here to read through an outline of what each profile allows the user to see.
    Note: If the user is a Driver only, choose the Dedicated Driver profile - they will not have access to the website, and you will not need an email to set this user up.
  5. If you would like to apply the user to a group, in the Groups box, select the Group to apply to this user. The user will only be able to view groups applied to them. If you leave the groups box blank, the user will be able to view all vehicles/groups.
    For more information on how to set up a group, click here.

  6. When you have finished adding the details you need, scroll down and press the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save your new user.

    Tip: If you tick the Send email invitation box at the bottom, your user will be sent an automatic welcome email outlining their login details and they will also be able to reset their password.


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