RUC countdown troubleshooting

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The compliance portal is designed to countdown the kilometres of your road user charges (RUC) from the mileage entered into the portal.

The RUC countdown will default the countdown from the hubometer reading if there is data entered in the hubometer column. So if your vehicle does not use a hubometer, please ensure the mileage is entered into the odometer column as if there is data in the hubometer column, this will overrule the odometer reading for the RUC countdown.
If you have entered data in the hubometer column accidentally, simply delete all data in the hubometer page and press save - RUC will now run off of the odometer.  
If your vehicle has a hubometer, it will countdown from the mileage entered into the hubo column.

You can find the hubometer column by going to the top right of the compliance page and going to columns list button > select columns.


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