How to Change the Name of an Asset

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When your GPS hardware has been installed, your vehicles will automatically be named/labelled with their registration number in My Assets > Asset Profile. 

The name of your assets is customisable so you can label it whatever you like. Some customers prefer to use the driver's name (if it's a personal vehicle), while others use the type of vehicle or a nickname - the choice is yours! 

Renaming Your Assets & Updating Their Details 

Step 1: From the sidebar, head to My Assets. 


Step 2: Select the Profile button under the asset you want to update. ryansx.png

Step 3: Click on the box next to Name and enter the asset's new name. 

(Please note: You can only enter alpha, numeric and dashes for the asset name). 

Step 4: Click on the blue Save button at the bottom of these fields to save your changes. 

You can also personalise your Asset Profiles by adding photos. You can add up to three photos per asset and these can be of the asset, the driver or a photo you associate with the asset. 

To add or change photos, follow the instructions in this article

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