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The most common reason why a vehicle might display the current GPS signal as OFF is due to the GPS device being in sleep mode. This is a mode which the GPS device enters after being switched off and left off for more than an hour - to conserve the vehicles battery supply (and prevent any annoying flat batteries) the device shuts off the GPS module temporarily and then restarts once the ignition is switched back on. This is normal operation for the GPS units and if you see GPS: OFF while the vehicle is stationary you have nothing to be concerned about.

However, if you can see parts of the day when a vehicle has not reported and you know the vehicle has moved during this time, this may be due to one of the below reasons:


1. The vehicle could have gone out of coverage. Some environments are just not as good as others for recording and sending GPS data. Areas such as underground carparks, mountains/gorges, and extremely built-up areas can affect the GPS signal strength.

2. The GPS aerial connection may be loose. If you can see the GPS connection intermittently going excellent>off>excellent>off while it is moving, then this would be due to the aerial connection disconnecting then reconnecting again while the vehicle is going over bumps in the road. Please contact Argus Support if you see this happening to arrange a technician to check the aerial for you.

3. The aerial is being tampered with. We literally have seen it all! The most common situation is when the aerial has been disconnected in the morning and then reconnected again later at the end of the day. Check the times this is happening. Does it coincide with the working day? Does the GPS signal disconnect after the vehicle has stopped? (if this was a loose connection this would usually happen only when it was moving).

 If you have any further questions on the above please get in touch with your Account Manager at and they will be happy to help.

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