How to allow pop ups in Chrome

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If you are viewing Argus Tracking in Chrome and are having trouble viewing reports, you will need to make sure you have allowed pop ups. 

If you do not allow pop ups, you will not be able to see any pages (such as reports) that "pop open".


Follow the steps below to allow pop ups in Chome:

1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of your browser, then scroll down the drop down menu to select Settings.

2. Once in the settings page you need to click on Show advanced settings down the bottom of the page.

3. Now, under the Privacy heading, click on the Content Settings button. 

4. A new box will open for you. Use the scroll bar on the left to scroll down until you see the Heading Pop Ups. Then select either the circle next to Allow all sites to show pop ups, OR the Manage exceptions button and add in the Argus tracking website as an allowed exception. Once you have done this, Argus Tracking reports will open up in a new window for you when you run them.

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