How to set up your Vehicle Compliance page

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  1. From the side bar, select Fleet Management and then Compliance from the drop down.


The Asset Compliance page will open. All the compliance information on your vehicles is organised on this page.

Find the asset you wish to update, then click in the corresponding box under each label to open a new page where you can update that aspect. 


To update the odometer, find the vehicle you wish to update, then click on the corresponding odometer box.


To update other compliance areas, find the vehicle you wish to update, then click on the corresponding compliance box. In this new page, you will be able to select from a drop down list which area of compliance you are updating.  


The same applies to most of the other compliance columns, with the exception of the WOF and Rego areas which will sync with NZTA and automatically update the weekend after you get your new WOF.  

TIP: When a vehicle has an area of compliance that is 28 days or 2000 km from requiring attention, the applicable text will be highlighted in orange. When the area of compliance is overdue, the applicable text will be highlighted in red.

Don't forget to press the blue Save button to update your changes!


How to show all your vehicles in the compliance table

You will notice that not all your vehicles are displayed in the compliance table. 

The default setting will only display the vehicles on the table that require attention, highlighting these areas in orange and red. 

To change this to show all your vehicles, open the Filter by Attention drop down and select Show All.


How to customise the columns in your compliance table

The compliance table is organised into several columns. You can customise the columns that you display in the compliance table.

 For example, you may not have a fuel card or a lease plan so do not need this information on your table. 



To customise the information you would like to display, click on the blue Columns List button and a list of options will appear in a drop down. Tick the options you would like to appear in your table, then press the Select Columns button to reset to your new columns. 

So if you did not want to show Fuel Card Expiry or Lease Renewal, your drop down would look like this:


If a date needs to be updated or removed in any area of the compliance page, enter 0 into the date area, then press save.  

If an aspect of your compliance is overdue for longer than  4 weeks, the NZTA sync will no longer look it up automatically and the new details will need to be manually inputted.

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