Understanding Risk Points

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When we apply the risk points in your Driver Behaviour to a vehicle, we also take into consideration other attributes that are happening on the road and with the driver's behaviour. The more attributes that are listed, the more risk points the drivers get as they are putting themselves and others in more danger and pose the most risk.

You can view the evidence collected against each driver or vehicle simply by using the "Driver Behaviour" page or by running the risk point reports under the "Reporting" page. You will need to be on our MIDI plan and above to access these features.     

When comparing your drivers against each other and the national average, we take an average of points accumulated over the distance travelled, this is how we calculate the Points Per / 100km. This method keeps comparisons fair and even, no matter how much or little your drivers drive.

The attributes that we report on are listed below:

  • Night Time – The vehicle was travelling 10kms over the speed limit after sundown (this has been proven to be a higher crash time).
  • School Zone – The vehicle was travelling 10km over the speed limit and was speeding through a school zone.
  • Adverse Weather – We link in with all the weather stations in NZ, enabling us to gather all the weather conditions at the time of a vehicle's over speed. If the vehicle is speeding in bad weather conditions, this attribute shows on the risk point report.
  • Cruise Speeding – This shows if the vehicle maintains an over speed. The vehicle will log every 500 metres, therefore, if this attribute shows up, the vehicle has travelled for at least 1km at a high speed. The sustained column advises how many 500-metre check-ins were taken for the cruise.  
  • Open Road – The vehicle was travelling 10km over the speed limit on the open road (proven to be a higher crash area).
  • Speeding – The vehicle was travelling 10kms or more,  over the speed limit.

Driver Scorecard Points

  Limit Risk points School Zone Open Road Night Time Adverse Weather
Speeding 11-20kph over posted limit 1 +2 Points +2 Points +2 Points +2 Points
Speeding 21-30kph over posted limit 2 +3 Points +2 Points +2 Points +2 Points
Speeding 31-35kph over posted limit 3 +4 Points +2 Points +2 Points +2 Points
Speeding 36-40kph over posted limit 4 +5 Points +3 Points +3 Points +3 Points
Speeding 40kph over posted limit 6 +6 Points +4 Points +4 Points +4 Points
Cruise Speeding Sustained speeding over 3 positions 5 +2 Points +2 Points +2 Points +4 Points


Download the Understanding Risk Points Info Sheet below:

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